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• 2/11/2014

Nina the killer

Um, is it just me or .... did the reator literally just admit to being a fan girl by writing "Her hero Je- .... Bubble nose"

Also the spelling wasn't the best along with poor grammar 

and the over all story was just well

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• 2/12/2014

That story was not accurate, in fact, none of these stories have the potential to carry the genre of horror on it's shoulders. "Creepypasta Land" Has very inadequate features for my tastes, or any of the fellow members on creepypasta wiki! Stories like Ben Drowned, Jeff The Killer, or Smiledog, Seem like stories that only come once a lifetime, especially in the lousy media these days. If you want to be a part of something remarkable, Join YOU! Those will be your definate words for Enternity, whether it is improving your lifestyle in buisness, or joining one! Thank you.

• 2/13/2014

Nicely put

Nicely put indeed

• 10/11/2014

Nina the killer is gone but still sgins of retureing

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