Do you remember that old Playhouse Disney show "Bear in the Big Blue House"? Well, if you remember the show, then you probably remember "Luna the Moon". Deep inside Luna, she is soulless and bloodthirsty! I was working at Walt Disney world in Florida as a janitor; as I was cleaning inside a soundstage when I encountered a tape of "Luna" from "Bear in the Big Blue House". The label said "LUNA666" written in red ink. I put the tape in a nearby VCR and hit play. The picture faded in, it said "KILLER LUNA" in big red letters. The show started out normal with the intro, but the film had a red tint and it got darker, and darker, and darker. After the intro, it showed a stroller with maggots and a layer of dust all over it, a round object with a white glow was in the stroller with loud crunching noises. It cut to a faded image of Luna with red foam coming out of her mouth and there was extremely loud screaming in the background. Then it showed Luna eating a Then it cut to Luna screaming for five minutes, and then it faded out. The tape ejected. I vomited.

Apparently, one of the writers that used to be an animator had a history of poor mental health; he used his animation skills to create the "Killer Luna" tape. The man then crawled into his bathtub with a gun and comitted suicide by himself in the

I quit my job in have never told anybody this story, not until now.


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