It was a normal day,I was watching Television. And I was just doing my own Thing,until I heard the doorbell ring. I ran to the door,I thought Mom's package had finally came. But it wasn't that.

It was an Invitation to My friend's birthday party,Normally,I wouldn't really go to birthday parties...but...I accepted. Because...why not?

A few days later,I found out that the party was at Disneyland,I've heard some Dark Secrets about Disneyland,and they are creepy as shit.

Anyway,When I got there,I lost my parents and walked around on my own. I just wandered and wandered and wandered until I fell down a...I'm not sure WHAT.

I ended up in some sort of tunnel,I started calling for Mom,but no one heard me. I heard footsteps not long after that,and guess what? A SUIT showed up.

I screamed like HELL and ran for my life. I ran and ran and then bumped into ANOTHER costume.

I thought,"Why the hell are the suits here and why am I here?" I thought that to myself while I ran,then Suits showed up EVERYWHERE. They headed STRAIGHT for me. I got out of there. I called for Mom again. She heard me this time. She grounded me and sent me home RIGHT after I had cake.

That's why I made a promise to myself to NEVER go back to Disneyland again.