My name isn't important. I'm sure you all clicked this page to find out what I know- and how I know it doesn't matter either. It's just a fun way to kill the childhood cartoons, finding out the truth about them, right? The Powerpuff Girls was a distorted truth, based on a family the creator knew growing up.

Here we go.

The Powerpuff Girls, three sisters, created in a 'lab'. Of course, they hadn't really been. What had actually happened is their poor-excuse of a father was left with his three daughters, when his wife ran out on him. (I don't blame her, either.)

Their father, 'The Professor', wasn't actually a scientist, but a pharmacist. The man consistently worked, and often did perscription pain-killers in the basement- a room the girls weren't often allowed in.

'Mojojojo' was actually their older brother, who was not allowed to live with them for... *Ahem* Reasons. He was obsessed with the girls and often kidnapped them, or lured them into his home.

In 'Mommy Fearest', the woman The Professor was dating was, indeed, the girls' step mother.

She charmed their father into doing her will, but abused the girls severely when he wasn't around, and because they were poor she sought to stealing to buy herself the jewelry and such that she desired- as he couldn't pay for it. She was kicked out when their father came home and witnessed her beating the girls for catching her stealing.

Fuzzy Lumpkin wasn't any more than a creepy neighbor, one that often terrorized the girls, but didn't do much harm beyond irritating The Professor and scaring the girls.

'HIM', was their homosexual uncle. Their father convinced the girls that he was evil, for being homosexual, though he didn't do any harm. Their father told them stories and lies, to make them believe he was bad.

The Mayor was their grandfather, that played along with their superhero games.

The GangGreen Gang was a local group of teens that played along with the girls and, when the girls caught them vandalizing or breaking rules, let them 'beat them' all in 'fights'.

Every character was based on someone that the girls knew, except the RowdyRuff Boys, who represented the girls anger at the world, that they had to 'fight' to keep suppressed.

And THAT, is the truth about The Powerpuff Girls. I hope it didn't destroy your childhood severely. Have a great day.


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